A Dentists’ Perspective: What Makes a Beautiful Smile?

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As a cosmetic dentistry practice for the whole family, our goal at Advanced Dental is to enhance, create, and protect beautiful smiles. A beautiful smile to us is not always the same as what you might find in a magazine, so here’s what we think makes a beautiful smile.


Authentic – Your real teeth are beautiful! Whenever possible, we try to preserve the healthy enamel of your own teeth rather than recommending unnecessary veneers, implants or crowns that can be costly and have wider effects on your teeth.


Comfortable – We want to make sure that it is comfortable to bite, chew, and talk when checking for a beautiful smile. If you are having any pain or sensitivity that can turn your smile into a grimace, we have solutions to make you comfortable. Ask your dentist about all the options for treating your toothache or any discomfort you may feel in your bite.


Healthy – A healthy smile is a source of joy! With regular cleanings, annual checkups, and proper at-home maintenance, your teeth will stay healthy and beautiful.


Advanced Dental can keep your teeth clean, bright, and pain-free so you can smile freely and share the joy wherever you go. Contact us today and get your beautiful smile back.

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