Anxiety and Stress Are Hurting Your Teeth!

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Staying home during a pandemic, watching the news and worrying about rising unemployment rates… It’s a very stressful time in our world. Some of the physical signs of stress are in your teeth, and it’s not good for them. Grinding or clenching your teeth from anxiety and stress throughout the day, or even in your sleep, can cause lasting damage. We at Advanced Dental recommend the following steps to get your pearly whites back on point.



First you must reduce the anxiety and stress in your life. Fixing your teeth now won’t help if you just grind them down again in six months. If your anxiety comes from within, locate the source and work through the swirl of thoughts that bog you down. If your stress is from outside forces that you have no way of controlling, combat the stress with purposefully relaxing behaviors. Simple actions like taking a very deep breath every other hour, listening to your favorite music, or finding a reason for a belly shaking laugh can help you increase endorphins and lower your cortisol (the stress hormone!).



Next you should schedule an appointment with your dentist. Some options, like a night guard, can be provided by your dentist and will really help your teeth to catch a break. If further action needs to be taken, the dentist will recommend how to best move forward.


Your mental health has real impact on your physical health, so be sure to practice mindfulness and self-care in the face of stress and anxiety. Advanced Dental cares about more than just your teeth; we care about you! Call to schedule an appointment today.

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