Emergency Dental Procedures

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“It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt!” Maybe your grandmother said that as you and your young friends came back in the yard with a chipped tooth from a daredevil stunt with bicycles and a skateboard.


However a tooth is injured, expert care in a timely fashion is critical for the life and appearance of the tooth. You don’t want to wait to see a professional because when you have a hole in your gums; the teeth around the hole may try to fill the void. That movement may disrupt the continuity of your smile. Because smiles are the first indication of your intentions, bring your injured smile to an experienced dentist.


In addition to emergency dental care, be sure your dentist provides other services. Typical reasons to go the dentist are for routine cleanings, pediatric care, preventative care, and implants just to name a few.


At Advanced Dental, we are available at all hours to receive your call. We will assess whether your emergency warrants coming into the office. Sometimes our patients are able to wait until the office opens normally. Time is critical, though. When in doubt, call us out! 949-362-8523 at all hours.


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