How Long Should I Brush My Teeth?

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For years, we have been brushing our teeth twice a day (hopefully), every day. Unless you set a timer, though, how do you know how long you’ve been brushing each time? Do you even know how long you’re supposed to be brushing your teeth?


Most people don’t think about how long brushing takes, just give it a vigorous swipe all around your teeth and you’re set, they think. This is probably just due to habit, but the real amount of time you ought to be brushing is 2 minutes. If you time yourself, you’ll probably find out that you’re way short. 2 minutes is a lot longer than you’d expect!


A good way to get back in the habit of brushing long enough is to play a song or set a timer on your phone. Everyone brings their phone to the bathroom, so you should definitely make use of it and time your teeth brushing to be sure that you are brushing long enough to qualify for good hygiene.

A dental appointment once a year can let you know if you’re still on track with your brushing technique, so schedule a check-up with Advanced Dental today. Our family dentists will be happy to point you in the right direction.

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