How To Prepare For Root Canals

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Most people want to avoid more serious dental work like root canals, but there might come a time where you’ll have to have this taken care of. If you’re one of the nearly 1 in 25 people who are dental-phobic, you might be particularly worried about your upcoming dentistry needs. Dentist anxiety is normal, especially when it comes to root canals, but you can use these pro tips to help you come prepared for your appointment.

Don’t Wait Too Long

Once your dentist tells you you’re in need of a root canal, you’ll want to schedule an appointment sooner rather than later. Root canals can become more serious over time, so the longer you put it off, the longer your root canal will take to complete. Handling it as soon as possible makes it easier on both you and your dentist.

Don’t Worry About Pain

If you’re worried about having too low of a pain tolerance, you can give yourself a bit of room to relax. Root canals are performed with a topical anesthetic, meaning you won’t feel discomfort or pain during the process. Still, if you’re concerned about your sensitivity, talk with your dentist to find a plan that will help you remain calm.

Find Ways To Distract Yourself

Root canals, while relatively painless, will take a bit of time to actually perform. Sometimes, you can end up sitting in the chair for a fair amount of time with your mouth open while the dentist works. Check with your dentist first to see if you’d be able to listen to music or a podcast during the process, or find a way to distract yourself during the time it will take.

Be Patient With Recovery

You might initially assume that once you’ve gotten your root canal taken care of, you’ll be set to start eating all your favorite foods right away. However, you might want to take it slow at first. Biting too hard or in the wrong way at first can potentially damage your filling, so be patient with your recovery time.

Root canals can be intimidating, but with the right information, you can feel prepared and at ease going into your appointment. For more information on root canals and other dental procedures, contact Advanced Dental Inc today.

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