Keep Your Teeth Clean During COVID-19

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With the COVID-19 pandemic sweeping across California and all 50 American states, we’re all under lockdown at home. During this time of uncertainty, people are wondering what will happen to their job, the economy, and their way of life.

The pressures of the situation are hard for some to bear. We all deal with our worries in different ways. Some of us may resort to over-eating sugary foods to rely on the dopamine response they give us. Sure, sugar tastes great, and eating that pint of ice cream or candy bar tastes great. The endorphins fire in our brain, and we feel better for a moment.

However, during this time, make sure you prioritize your dental health. Binging on your favorite comfort foods means you need to up your dental hygiene practices. The last thing you need to encounter during this pandemic is a dental emergency.

However, if you do develop a toothache, or you think you need an emergency checkup, come to Advanced Dental. We are open for dental emergencies during this time. Contact our offices and book an emergency appointment with our dental professionals.

Take care of your teeth during this time of global uncertainty. Proper oral health is essential for a happy body and mind.

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