Oral Hygiene’s Neglected Middle Child: Mouthwash

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Most people brush their teeth twice a day, or after each meal if you’re an overachiever. Some people are even regular flossers, while the rest of us feel guilty during our annual checkup. But mouthwash is often seen as a quick breath freshener for emergency use only.


It’s true that mouthwash is good for eliminating odor, but adding it to your daily routine can improve your oral health as well.


Mouthwash vs. Brushing or Flossing

Mouthwash can reach places that your toothbrush and flossing cannot. Your teeth are not the only part of your mouth that need to be cleaned, and mouthwash is the best way to get full contact with all parts of your mouth. You’ll never brush the inside of your cheek or under your tongue, and you can’t floss the roof of your mouth. Mouthwash can take care of the bacteria that snuggle in the non-tooth sections that you might not consider. These bacteria, if left unchecked, could cause excess plaque, cavities, canker sores and gum disease.


Doesn’t Mouthwash Burn?

In the past, using mouthwash may have been an unpleasant experience. It used to be a stinging, burning liquid fire that you could only hold in your mouth for ten seconds of torture before spitting and vowing, “Never again!” Well, never say never. Mouthwash technology has advanced beyond mere alcohol. You can still fight germs and freshen your breath without the painful burn.


Now you know that brushing, flossing, and mouthwash work together as a trio to make sure your mouth is squeaky clean. Call Advanced Dental if you need a cleaning beyond daily maintenance and schedule an appointment today.

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