Things You Need to Know About Root Canals

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When people think of unpleasant things, root canals often make the list. But why is caring for your teeth seen as such a bad thing? There are many myths about the root canal that make people wary (one in 25 people are afraid of visiting the dentist!), but maybe we just don’t know enough about them. So here are some of the key things to know if you’re nervous about this dental procedure:

Root Canal Treatments Are Common

In fact, molar root canals are the most common procedure performed on people with their adult teeth, with over 15 million performed annually. If it was as bad as the rumors say, would so many people subject themselves to it?

Root Canals Aren’t Painful

The American Association of Endodontists says the majority of adults fear the pain that comes with getting a root canal. This pain is ultimately a myth, as any dentist will use local anesthetics to perform the procedure. Really, root canals are meant to relieve pain caused by the nerves in your affected tooth. The most pain you should feel from the procedure are minor aches and soreness as the area heals.

You Don’t Only Need a Root Canal if You’re in Pain

While most root canals are done to relieve pain and save a living tooth, they can also be done as a form of preventative dental care to keep an already dead tooth from becoming infected or inflamed beneath the enamel.

Root Canals Don’t Take Forever, But They Do Last A Long Time

A common misconception about root canals is that they take ages, and they used to! But with modern technology, the procedure rarely takes more than a couple of hours. And those hours provide a lifetime of results for most patients.

The truth is root canals are an inevitable part of life for many. The bright side is that they aren’t nearly as bad as people (especially people who haven’t had one) make them out to be. And if you’re still nervous about your procedure, consult your dentist. They can answer any of your questions, and they’re very honest–and smart!

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